Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Changing American colonial family Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Changing American colonial family - Essay Example iod, the child protectors and family reservations condemned the dissolute, a lazy working-class father who dishonored every aspect of their male decency by beating or deserting their wives and economically abusing or exploiting their children. In response to this, eleven states made non-support and desertion of destitute families a crime and three states introduced whipping post, in which men who beat their wives are subjected to flogging (Ramirez, 242) However, to fight the financial abuse of children, activists pressed for certain laws which included the compulsory school attendance laws, creation of orphan trains and orphanages for accommodating the neglected and abused children and lastly child labor restriction statutes. In the meantime, campaigns to minimize the rates of divorces in the 1880s were underway. During that period, it was recorded to have the world’s highest number of divorces. Reducing was done through prolonging the waiting periods, creating family courts and minimizing the grounds for divorce, alongside efforts to remove segregated male-only improvements of recreation. After about a century, the way that the issue of men in families was culturally and socially constructed experienced a fundamental redefinition. Combined with amplified struggles to enhance the male’s remuneration, so as to allow him to support his family devoid of the support of children and wives. Additionally, anxiety about the i mmigrant father who represented old beliefs and obstruction efforts to Americanize his off-spring was on the rise (Shammas, 110) To enhance integration, self-conscious exertions were made to use schools, peer relationships and settlement houses to aid first-generation children and wives to break free from outdated cultural beliefs which was frequently represented by the foreign language-speaking, unassimilated, bearded adult man. The majority of the legal responsibilities and rights of the familys head comes from ancient studies of one or another

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